Seven Starling memberships are designed to support your way, at every stage

By your side every step of the journey

1st trimester
1st TRI
2nd trimester
2nd tri
3rd trimester
3rd tri
0-3 months
0-3 mos
4-6 months
4-6 mos
7-12 MOnths
7-12 Mos
you will learn

Navigating early pregnancy

  • Physical changes and healthy behaviors
  • Pregnancy nutrition and hydration
  • Building your prenatal care team
  • Identifying concerning symptoms
you will learn

Making healthy choices for you and baby

  • Changes to exercise, sleep, and sex
  • Toxic substances to avoid
  • Baby development milestones
  • Managing a high risk pregnancy
you will learn

Building your support team

  • Preparing for early prenatal visits
  • Social and medical support systems
  • Navigating stress and pregnancy
  • Maintaining pelvic floor strength
you will learn

Preparing your body for birth

  • Common symptoms at this stage and how to know what's "normal"
  • Preventing infections while pregnant
  • Preparing your home for baby
  • Managing work while pregnant
you will learn

Managing physical discomforts

  • Bonding with baby
  • Preterm labor signs and causes
  • Diabetes screens and position checks
  • Selecting a pediatrician
you will learn

Stages of labor and pain management

  • Stages of labor and defining progress
  • Medical and non-medical pain management options
  • Partner support and engagement
  • Maternity leave and work planning
you will learn

Birth interventions and physical recovery

  • Common birth interventions
  • Postpartum recovery progress
  • Warning signs of a health complication after birth
  • Postpartum depression and baby blues
you will learn

Newborn care, feeding, and infant safety

  • Newborn care essentials
  • Breastfeeding, formula feeding, and donor milk considerations
  • Infant safety, including safe sleep
  • Newborn well visits
you will learn

Settling in with baby and recovery

  • Newborn feeding and sleeping
  • Postpartum healing and recovery
  • Managing early postpartum anxiety
  • Tips for partner bonding with baby
you will learn

Navigating your new role and identity

  • Newborn development milestones
  • Wellbeing and setting boundaries
  • Dividing responsibilities
  • Re-establishing intimacy
you will learn

Creating and settling into a rhythm

  • Evaluating child care options
  • Navigating return to work
  • Settling into a rhythm and routine
  • Sleep structure and schedules
you will learn

Supporting baby's development

  • Promoting baby's physical development
  • Managing transitions
  • Self-care check-in
you will learn

Encouraging new experiences

  • When and how to introduce solids
  • Re-evaluating your support team
  • Traveling as a family
you will learn

Your family's changing needs

  • Baby's ongoing development
  • Supporting language and vocalization
  • Crafting family values
you will learn

A new phase of parenthood

  • Nutritional changes
  • Your expanding identity as a parent
  • Childproofing and accident prevention
you will learn

Nurturing physical and emotional growth

  • Incorporating positive discipline
  • Introducing sign language
  • Engaging your child's evolving senses
you will learn

Preparing for ongoing milestones

  • Social-emotional development
  • Future family planning
  • Ongoing development milestones
    ... and beyond!


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