What do our
members think?

My postpartum group has given me the confidence to set boundaries and prioritize myself in order to be more present for my daughter.
- Raha
I received incredible support from the other moms. I knew I had others to turn to, to celebrate the joys of motherhood and to lean on during tougher moments
- Nora
Our expert leads our sessions from a place of love and support while giving us the tools we need to help our babies grow and develop, and for us to grow as women, moms, partners, and so much more!
- Gaby
Emily has been a great resource, and the other mothers have been a great source of emotional support for me. The 4th trimester has been so much easier with the support of Seven Starling!
- Lauren
With this membership I was able to talk to others going through the same thing as me, and the online learning that I could complete on my own schedule and revisit when needed worked well for my lifestyle.
- Kara
I'm so happy to have found this service. Knowledge is power, and I am feeling prepared--not only for the birth of my baby, but also for postpartum!
- Mallory
Thank you for connecting me to other moms. Not only did it provide great resources and tools, but we were able to share openly with each other and receive guidance from our very own expert.
- Emily
Emma, my group's Doula, really helped me ease my way into motherhood. She was a trusted source of information and a strong voice of emotional support throughout all of it.
- Ladan
With the support of my postpartum group, I’ve had a safe space to share both positive experiences and challenges, and to learn that there is no one set standard of mothering.
- Raha
We did a 4.5 hour in-person birthing class a few weeks ago, and got more information out of one hour-long session with Seven Starling!
- David
My group has formed a really nice friendship with each other and our coach, Emily! It's been really nice to know that we can all chat, and people are really supportive.
- Courtney
Emma was an experienced, calming and knowledgeable Doula. It was empowering and comforting to work through decisions with her and other moms.
- Amanda
Thanks to this service I was able to have an unmedicated birth! The lessons I learned not only helped me mentally prepare but also gave my partner and I tactical tools.
- Nicole
I can't imagine having gone through postpartum without this! Emily provided helpful and evidence-based advice, and the virtual sessions and chat made it easy to access support at all times of the day. Thank you!
- Nora
My group provided the support I desperately needed to be the strong, confident mama I have grown to be.
- Gaby


of parents preferred group-based care to traditional care